Thank Your Lucky Scars
We are lost souls amok, The raptors, scratch, Ragnarok. The crossed, pounding holy flock Like a werewolf blitzkrieg. ©

The Order Of Apollyon - Black/Death Metal проект музыкантов Aborted, Akercocke и Cradle Of Filth.

B.S.T. - Vocals, Guitars (Aosoth, Balrog, Genital Grinder, VI, ex-Aborted, ex-Garwall, ex-Maleficentia)
James McIlroy - Guitars (Chaosanct, Cradle of Filth, ex-Matron, ex-Ashmolean)
Peter Benjamin - Bass, Vocals (Akercocke, Concept (live), ex-Pantheist, ex-Corpsing)
Daniel Wilding - Drums (The Soulless, Trigger the Bloodshed, ex-Killing Mode, ex-Misery, ex-Aborted)

1. God Speaks
2. Ich Bin Das Licht
3. Word
4. Never
5. Fifth
6. White Dust
7. Four Beasts
8. Flesh Of Yhvh
9. Ex-Voto
10. L'orgueuil

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